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   Semester I

Paper code Paper Name
ETMA 101

Applied Mathematics – I

ETPH 103

Applied Physics – I

ETME 105

Manufacturing Processe

ETEC 107

Electronic Devices

ETHS 109

Human Values & Professional Ethics-I

ETCS 111

Fundamentals of Computing

ETCH 113

Applied Chemistry – I

ETPH 151

 Applied PHYSICS LAB – I


Electronic Devices LAB


Workshop Pratice


Engineering Graphics Lab


Fundamentals of Computing Lab


    Applied Chemistry Lab




   Semester II

Paper code Paper Name
ETMA 102

Applied Mathematics - II

ETPH 104

Applied Physics - II


Electrical Technology

ETCS 108

Introduction to Programming

ETME 110

Engineering Mechanics

ETHS 112

Communication Skills


Environmental Studies

ETPH 152

Applied Physics Lab – II


Programming Lab


Electrical Technology Lab


Engineering Mechanics Lab

ETEC 160

Environmental Studies Lab


   Semester III

Paper code Paper Name
ETCE 201     Structural Analysis – I
ETCE 203     Building Construction, Materials & Specifications
ETCE 205     Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics-1
ETCE 207     Geo Iinformatics– I
ETCE 209     Engineering Geology
ETMA 211     Applied Mathematics-III
ETCE 251     Practical/viva-Voce: Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab-1
ETCE 253     Practical/viva-Voce: Geoinformatics Lab-1
ETCE 255     Practical/viva-Voce: Engineering Geology Lab
ETCE 257     Practical/viva-Voce: Building Drawing

   Semester IV

Paper code Paper Name
ETCE 202     Structural Analysis - II
ETCE 204     Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics-II
ETCE 206     Geoinformatics-II
ETCE 208     Structural Design - I
ETCE 210     Geotechnical Engineering – I
ETCE 252     Practical/viva-Voce: Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab-II
ETCE 254     Practical/viva-Voce: Geoinformatics Lab – II
ETCE 256     Practical/viva-Voce: Structural Analysis  Lab -I
ETCE 258     Practical/viva-Voce: Design of Concrete Structures
ETCE 260     Practical/viva-Voce: Geotechnical Lab – I

   Semester V

Paper code Paper Name
ETCE 301     Structural Analysis – III
ETCE 303     Structural Design – II
ETCE 305     Mechanics & Hydraulics – III
ETCE 307     Geotechnical Engineering– II
ETCE 309     Environmental Engineering – I
ETCE 311     Transportation Engineering - I
ETCE 351     Practical/viva-Voce: Structural Analysis Lab-II
ETCE 353     Practical/viva-Voce: Design of Steel Structures
ETCE 355     Practical/viva-Voce: Materials Testing Lab-I
ETCE 357     Practical/viva-Voce: Software Training related to Civil Engg.

   Semester VI

Paper code Paper Name
ETCE 302     Structural Design – III
ETCE 304     Environmental Engineering – II
ETCE 306     Water Resource Engineering - I
ETCE 308     Transportation Engineering - II
ETCE 310     Statistical Applications in Civil Engineering
ETCE 312     Engineering Economics
ETCE 352     Practical/viva-Voce: Environmental Engineering Lab-I
ETCE 354     Practical/viva-Voce: Advance Design of Structures
ETCE 356     Practical/viva-Voce: Materials Testing Lab – II
ETCE 358     Practical/viva-Voce: Transportation Engineering Lab
ETCE 360     Practical/viva-Voce: Surveying Camp of minimum 2 weeks duration

   Semester VII

            THEORY PAPERS
ETCE 401     Water Resource Engineering-II
ETCE 403     Environmental Engineering-III
ETCE 405     Earthquake Technology
ETCE 407     Principles of Management & Operational Research
---    Elective-1
   (Choose any one from the following subjects)
ETCE 409     Fire & Safety Engineering
ETCE 411     Ground Water Assessment, Development & Management
ETCE 413     Advanced Mechanics of Materials.
ETCE 415     Advanced Structural Design
ETCE 417     Advanced Geotechnical Engineering.
ETCE 419     Forensic Rehabilitation Engineering.
ETCE 451     Environmental Engineering Lab-II
ETCE 453     Design of Irrigation Structures
ETCE 455     #^Industrial Training
ETCE 457     Minor Project*

*The student will be given 3-4 alternative projects at the beginning of the semester by the departmental committee under identified supervisors. The student will have to present the progress of the work through seminars, progress reports and final project report.

^ Industrial Training was conducted after 6th Semester; however viva-voce Industrial Training will be conducted in this semester.

   Semester VIII

Paper code Paper Name
            THEORY PAPERS
ETCE 402     Quantity, Surveying, Cost Estimation & Evaluation
ETCE 404     Management of Construction Projects
---    Elective-1
   (Choose any one from the following subjects)
ETCE 406     Water Resources System Planning.
ETCE 408     Traffic Engineering & Traffic Planning
ETCE 410     Air Pollution Monitoring Modeling & Control
ETCE 412     Finite Element Methods
ETCE 414     Coastal Engineering
ETCE 416     Analysis and Design of Bridges.
ETCE 418     Remote Sensing and GIS Applications.
ETCE 452     Estimation of Projects (duration and Cost)
ETCE 454     Minor Project*

*The student will submit a synopsis at the beginning of the semester for approval from the departmental committee in a specified format.  The student will have to present the progress of the work through seminars, progress reports and final project report.

The total number of the credits of the B.Tech (Civil Engineering) Programme= 214.  Each student shall be required to appear for examinations in all courses.  However, for the award of the degree a student shall be required to earn the minimum of 200 credits.

Note:-For any discrepancy regarding Scheme & Syllabus the GGSIP University Website may be consulted. (http://www.ipu.ac.in/syllabus/archv092012syllabimain.htm#grad)

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