Principal's Message

Prof. Vijay Kumar Minocha
Principal: CBPGEC

Dear Students,

Distinguished Faculty colleagues, Administrative & Technical Staff & my young friends “you”, it is a moment of great honour and privilege for me to extend a hearty welcome to all of you to this event at Ch. Brahm Prakash Government Engineering College (CBPGEC). I hope by now you have adjusted with new rhythm of life and you have great bonding amongst yourselves and your seniors in this college. This college is uniquely placed in Delhi having best Air quality which helps in regeneration and rejuvenation of health.

As you are aware that this college has been established by Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi in 2007 and it is heartening to note that over this period, we have been able to impart quality education despite serious limitations of faculty resource. The progress of an educational institution rests on committed faculty members and staff, supportive administration, quality infrastructure, large pool of learning resources and responsive students. Recently, some new faculty members selected by UPSC have joined this college. However, there has been shortage of faculty particularly in Civil Engineering discipline but the gap will be almost fulfilled by encouraging about 20 guest faculty members for various subjects. I hope that academic environment will improve substantially with this augmentation. more...

It is worthwhile to note that like highly rated institutions some students of your college after completing their B.Tech Programme in this college have landed up in best universities and colleges, like IITs, NITs, IIMs etc. within India and reputed universities of USA and Japan, and shaped their career.

With this brief introduction, I on behalf of Team CBPGEC welcome you to this college, and assure you that we shall leave no stone unturned to equip you with best possible training and exposure so that you can shape up your career and growth for a challenging life. In a professional college you need to seize opportunities to interact with your faculty and, clear your doubts, instead of inadequate learning. Your quest for knowledge should remain there to succeed in life. In this college alongwith academics we believe in building character, inspiring minds and about enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime.

I am sure you are experiencing now the semester system and applicable rules & regulations of GGSIPU. In a way semester system is a cycle of unlimited limitations where you are required to meet the tight timelines. If you have any doubt you may consult Sh. Pankaj Lathar, Head (Applied Sc & Humanities) or Sh. S.K.Tiwari, Dean (Acad) and they will surely clear your all doubts about the intricacies of semester system.

About 35 years back, as a student like you, I observed that a revolution in use of computers in various fields is taking place. I recollect that even personal computers were not in vogue and Window operating system was not there at that time. There was no internet, google etc. Further, it is worthwhile to note that at that time, the country did not have many computer engineers and still the revolution in computers and IT has taken place, within this country, because there was an opportunity. The courses offered and the opportunities some time are not aligned, particularly when such massive change is happening.

The revolution does not wait for anyone but the ones who participate in the revolution, experiment and work hard, may become the leaders and the others who have not joined, realize later that revolution was happening and they could not reap the benefits.

Likewise, my dear friends a revolution is happening now also and again expertise is limited and the ones who join and be part of it will make their name for ever. This "Start-up revolution" is happening and most of the early achievers globally are engineers despite not necessarily using of core engineering, as learnt during various B.Tech Programmes. I would be happy to see if the seed is germinated amongst you and some of you lead/participate in this ‘Start-up revolution’ and take the name of your college to higher level. Such activities require extra attention besides academics and 24x7 passion to excel and very high degree of commitment to succeed. At the end, if you work hard, some will be successful and some may not be so successful, but who will not be attempting will definitely not be successful. So you need to evolve and see how you can be a part of this massive change happening all around you.

Friends, this College is unique in a way as in addition to the existing set of scholarships, it has taken a lead in recognising academic talent and awarding certificates and cash prizes for meritorious students. These awards are in the following categories:-

a. High Achievers Award based on semester result(s)
b. High Merit Award based on performance of previous academic year
c. Merit Award based on performance of previous academic year

I am sure this small step initiated in this college will encourage positive and healthy competition amongst you and will improve the quality of education and learning. It gives me great pleasure that from this year, the amount of cash award in all above categories has been substantially increased and there is no upper limit for number of students meeting the criteria in some of the awards which are particularly based on performance of every theory subject in each semester.

We have also started encouraging students to participate in examinations resulting into certification by NPTEL and if you are passing the exam concurrently with academic schedule, we reimburse you examination fee. As NPTEL is supported by IIT and any certification by such agency will enhance your CV and will help you in setting higher goals in your life. For this purpose, a local chapter of NPTEL is already functioning in this college and Dr. K.G. Srinivasa is SPOC (Single Point of Contact). The college encourages you to take some exams with NPTEL every semester. For passing such exams, you need to work little more than usual, take support of your library which is well stocked having about 24,000 numbers of volumes of books, 45 numbers of printed journals (Indian & International) and several e-journals and 25 newspapers and 30 magazines. There are Reference Section, General Issue and Return Section, Book Bank in the library. You can get issued about 10 Books each from the library.

The college website is being given a new look and I would encourage you to acquaint yourself with various activities, special purpose committees, orders, circulars and notices, time-table etc. I would like some of you to get involved and make suggestions for improvement in the website and make the website more appealing and useful to all of you. Interested and willing persons may contact Ms. Seema Rani, Asst. Programmer of this college.

In addition to vigorous academic activities, your college is also focusing on the overall personality development of the students. Adequate provisions for extracurricular activities including games and sports have been made and Team CBPGEC with your well conceived proposals in these areas is willing to take it to higher pedestal.

You will be delighted to know that your senior fellow colleagues of this college have won prestigious awards and some of the achievements during 2016-17 are:-

  • Shobhan Patta Joshi won Gold in 100 Meter and 200 meter race in TRIQUETRA-2017, Gold in 100 Meter at DTU AAHVAAN-2017, Gold in 100 Meter & 200 Meter race at GGSIPU, Silver in 100 Meter at Annual Sports Meet IIT-Roorkee, Gold in Long jump at Annual Sports meet IIT-Roorkee

  • Raghav Juneja won Gold Medal in DTU AAHVAAN-2017, Won Silver Medal in TRIQUETRA-2017, Bronze medal at GGSIPU 2016-17 Annual sports meet, 3rd position in U-19 Punjab State Chess Championship held on 13th August, 2017 and selected for National Chess Championship to be organised at Patna, Bihar.

  • Rohan Saroha won Gold Medal in POOL event at TRIQUETRA-2017.

  • Ritesh won Silver Medal at GGSIPU 2016-17 Annual Sports meet.

  • CBPGEC volleyball Team won Bronze in Inter-College Volleyball Tournament-2017 at AIACTR, Geeta Colony.

Students of this college are also encouraged to participate in the events of National importance like Smart India Hackathan-2017, in 2016-17, a team of 6 students shortlisted by AICTE has gone to Banglore.

You will be glad to note that for further expansion of this college, DTTE has allocated land, which will result in further improvements of infrastructure in this college in terms of class rooms, Labs, sports ground and residential area including hostels. A proposal for consideration of the government is already submitted for approval of the same.

By the time you complete your four year term in this college, you should be equipped with quality knowledge have received several certificates and cash awards that are given every semester for your academic performance, have successfully completed several courses from NPTEL, have received recognition in sports and cultural activities. This will make you highly inspired individual , self motivated, having a positive mindset, devoted to the service of the society and inspired for excelling in profession.

It is my sincere advise to you to always work to protect and enhance the fair name of CBPGEC as it will be your identity for life. You would be able to do so by your good deeds and will fail to do so if you engage in misdeeds and misconduct. I advise you to be ultra-vigilant and protect your own and your Alma matter´s interest. It is my sincere hope that students of this College shall bring pride to the institute and be worthy citizens of our great country.

Last but not the least, as a student of this college, we would like you to assume responsibility and to understand the value and worth of self discipline, professional morality and work ethics. The Team CBPGEC shall always be proactively engaged to support you in your resolve to bring glory to this college, to your parents and to yourself. It is your responsibility to work consciously for creation of India inhabited by peace loving people, capable people and cultured people.

It will not be out of place to mention that the college has several challenges, and I need your cooperation to overcome these through our commitment. Wishing you very happy and academically highly rewarding years ahead and a memorable stay in this college.

Jai Hind !