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Forms And Performa

Different Forms useful for Employees & Head of Office

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Different Forms useful for Contratual Faculty/Guest Faculty/Staff
  1. Application Form for attending Conference/Seminar/Eorkshop/FDP
  2. Application for Leave or for Extension of Leave
  3. Bill proforma for remuneration/honorarium for guest faculty/staff
  4. No Dues Certificate-For Faculty Staff
  5. Vocher for Reimbursement of Conveyance Charges
  6. Performa to be filled by the faculty before procedding on leave
  7. Bill proforma for drawing Remuneration (for Contractual Technical Supporting Staff)
  8. ECS Form
  9. Remuneration Bill Proforma (For Contractual/TPO/Librarian)
  10. Voucher for remuneration charges of guest teachers


Different Forms useful for College students

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