Welcome to Ch BP Govt. Engineering College, Jaffarpur

Department of Civil Engineering

Head of the Department

  • Dr. Athar Hussain, Associate Professor


  • Prof.. K.R.Harne
  • Ms. Mimansa Gulati, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Rita Chhachhiya, Asst. Professor (Guest)
  • Mr. Nitin Singla, Asst. Professor (Guest)
  • Mr. Ashutosh Dutt Bhardwaj, Asst. Professor (Guest)
  • Mr. Devesh Mawai, Asst. Professor (Guest)
  • Ms. Manjeeta Priyadarshi, Asst. Professor (Guest)
  • Ms. Nivedita Verma, Asst. Professor (Guest)
  • Mr. Manish Kumar, Asst. Professor (Guest)

Supporting Staff

      1. Mr. Abhishek Kumar, W.S.A(Civil)
      2. Mr. Himanshu (Guest)
      3. Mr. Ashwani (Guest)
      4. Mr. Abhishek Kataria (Guest)


The department has following fully functional Laboratories for this programme:-
      1. Engineering Geology Lab
      2. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Mechanics Lab
      3. Geoinformatics Lab
      4. Material Testing Lab
      5. Soil Mechanics Lab
      6. Transportation Engineering Lab
      7. Structure Analysis Lab

The course material approved by GGSIP University for B.Tech (Civil Engineering) comprises of following components:-

  • Structural Analysis and Design.
  • Building Construction material and specification.
  • Survey, Geology and Remote Sensing.
  • Fluid Mechanics and Water Resource Engineering.
  • Geo-technical and Transportation Engineering.
  • Application of Statistic and Management in Civil Engineering.

Scheme & Syllabus approved by GGSIP university for B.Tech (Civil Engineering)







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