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Co-curricular Activities

Debate competition:
A healthy debate always enriches new thoughts and accentuates novel ideas. After realizing this intention a debate competition on the topic “Have we achieved the maximum of our mental capabilities” was held at our college amphitheater in the month of January 07. The event was presided by the Principal Prof. (Mrs.) Pratima R. Bose and Dean Prof. Vijay K. Minocha and other faculty members. The participants were well appreciated by the students. In this debate innovative thoughts and various aspects of human potential, capabilities and ones competence in achieving his/her goals were discussed. This debate competition enriched new ideas and thinking in one and all. The first prize was given to Ankit Chauhan (IT 07’Batch) for speaking against the motion. The second and third prizes were achieved by the students Arpit Verma & Akshay Gulati of Civil 07, respectively.

Painting competition:
 Painting is one of the ways in which a person can express his/her creative innovations. An open painting competition was organized on January 2007 in our college campus. Various entries from students were received and among these, the entry submitted by Nipun sehgal, a portrait of Dr. M. Vishveshwarya, was considered the best. The paintings of other students were also well appreciated.

miscellaneous activity competition was also conducted, to encourage students to bring up the hidden talent. The main aim behind this approach was to enrich the talent of all students. A documentary on Jaffarpur College named “Jaffarpur- Retrospect’s and prospects” was developed by Chetan, Shafi, Suraj, Akhi Goel, Apoorve, Rohin of Civil 07 batch and Vivek of IT 07 batch. The documentary uncovers the past reflection of Jaffarpur and exhibits the new bright prospects of Jaffarpur after the establishment of new Engineering College.

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