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ETCS-257 Data Structure  
ETIT-255 Object Oriented Programming Lab
ETCS-357  Database Management System Lab
ETIT-453 Multimedia Applications Lab
ETIT-414 Software Testing Lab
ETCS-252 Software Engineering lab
ETIT-356  Digital Signal Processing Lab
ETCS-354 Object Oriented Software Engineering Lab






Name of Equipment



Computer (HP, Wipro)



Printer-cum-Photocopiers – Toshiba E-Studio



LCD Projector



HP Scanjet 2480 (Scanner)





MS Office-2003



MS SQL Server-2005



MS Windows Server-2003




ETIT-453        :           Multimedia Applications Lab

  1. Motion tween and shape tween applications in macromedia flash.
  2. Working on layers in macromedia flash.
  3. To draw path animation in macromedia flash.
  4. To draw mask effect in macromedia flash
  5. Fade in fade out effet in macromedia flash
  6. Zoom in zoom out effect in flash.


ETCS-357                    :           Database Management System Lab

  1. To Design A Database Schema And Practice All Ddl Commands And Show Result
  2. To Practice All Dml Commands On Schema Created
  3. To Create Views Of The Schema Created
  4. To Build Relationship Between Tables That Involves  Primary Key And Foreign Key
  5. Practicing Select  Statements Or Other  Sql Commands On The Table Created
  6. To Build A Table And Represent It In 1nf Form.
  7. To Build A 1nf Table And Represent It In 2nf Form.
  8. To Build A 2nf Table And Represent It In 3nf Form.
  9. To Build A 2nf Table And Represent  It In Bcnf Form.
  10. Case Study On Serializablity.

ETIT-356                    :           Digital Signal Processing Lab

  1. Write A Program To Generate Discrete  Time Square Wave.
  2. Write A Program To Generate Discrete Time Impulse.
  3. Obtain Impulse Response And Step Response Of A System From The Different Equation:-


  1. Obtain Step Response Of A System Given, Described By The Difference Equation:-

Y[N]-(1/2)Y[N-1]=X[N] Using Convolution.

  1. Generate A Discrete Time Signal X[N]=Cos(0.4*”Pi”*N) Spectrum.
  2. Consider A Casual Lti System Described By The Difference Equation:-


  1. An Fir Filter Has The System Function H(Z) Given By H(Z)=1+(13/24)Z^-1(5/8)Z^-2+(1/3)Z^-3 Obtain The Lattice Structure For This Filter.
  2. Obtain Direct Form Structure For The Fir Filter With Lattice Coefficients Given By:-

K1=0.2500, K2=0.5000 And K3=0.3333

  1. Design A Digital Butterworth Filter Using Bilinear Transformation To Low Pass Filter.
  2. Design A Digital Butterworth Filter Using Impulse Invariance Method To Meet The Given Specifications.
  3. Generate And  Plot The Following Window.
  4. Rectangular   2. Hanning   3. Hamming   4. Blackman
  5. Design An Fir Filter Using Kaiser Window To Meet The Specification.
  6. Generate A Sinusoidal Signal Of 1 Khz Frequency. Take Sampling Frequency=4khz. Obtain Spectrum Of This Signal Using Dft Method. Take Dft Length=32
  7. Generate A Singal Consisting Of Two Sinusoids 1.1 Khz And 1.2 Khz Frequency. Obtain Spectrum Of The Signal, Windowed By A Rectangular Window, Using Dft Method.


ETCS-354                    :           Object Oriented Software Engineering Lab


  1. Draw The Use Case Sequence And Collaboration
  2. Draw The Use Case, Sequence And Collaboration Diagram For Issuing A Ticket
  3. Draw The Case, Sequence And Collaboration Diagram For A Watch
  4. Based On Class Diagram Show A Parent Child Relationship For 1) For A Watch 2) For A Book
  5. Draw  The Activity Diagram For
  6. Ordering A Pizza
  7. An Order Processing System
  8. Draw The State Transition Diagram For:
  9. An Order Processing System
  10. Traffic Light Way System


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