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Prof. Vijay K. Minocha

Principal, CBPGEC



B.Tech Programme

GGSIP University


Principal's Address

Delivered on 18th November, 2014

Dear Students,
Distinguished Faculty colleagues, Administrative &Technical Staff & my young friends “you”, it is a moment of great honour and privilege for me to extend a hearty welcome to all of you to Ch. Brahm Prakash Government Engineering College (CBPGEC). There has been some delay in organizing this event in view of delay in admission process by University. I hope by now you have optimized your schedule of activities and enjoying the good environment at this college. This college, as you are aware has been established by Govt. of N.C.T of Delhi in 2007. On a retrospective analysis of the development of multifarious activities in this college since its inception, it is heartening to note that over a period of last seven years, we have been able to impart quality education despite serious limitations of adequate faculty resource.  The progress of an educational institution rests on committed faculty members and staff, supportive administration, quality infrastructure, large pool of learning resources and responsive students.

 Team CBPGEC welcome you to this college and assure you that we shall leave no stone unturned to promote your career and shall equip you with best possible training and exposure. In the process of evolving this institute, We have a strong commitment towards creation and upgradation of academic infrastructure; an unrelenting endeavour to provide an environment that promotes creativity and out of the box thinking.

In this college we believe in enabling one to explore new realms of wisdom and for us an educational institute is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character, inspiring minds and about enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime.  We will strive for providing an enabling culture, to the students to learn and grow fearlessly and aim for perfection.

Further, in this college we attempt to inculcate values of personal excellence and concern for others. In addition to vigorous academic activities, your college is also focusing on the overall personality development of the students.  As a student of this college, we would like you to assume responsibility and to understand the value and worth of self discipline, professional morality and work ethics. It is our responsibility to ensure that you understand your responsibility to work consciously for creation of India inhabited by peace loving people, capable people and cultured people.

This College is unique in a way as it has taken a new step of awarding certificates and cash prizes for meritorious students, in addition to the existing set of scholarships.  These awards are in the following categories:-
a.     High Achievers Award based on semester result(s)
b.     High Merit Award based on performance of previous academic year
c.     Merit Award based on performance of previous academic year

I am sure this small step initiated in this college will encourage positive and healthy competition amongst you and will improve the quality of education and learning. Further, this will also result in better performance in competitive examinations leading to better placement. In this case the award is given only to   those students, who have passed all the papers (having no back paper) given  in the scheme and syllabus of the GGSIP University in all preceding semesters based on the results declared by GGSIPU.  
May I also take this opportunity to inform general guidelines of GGSIPU where you are required to have a minimum of 75% of attendance in all classes i.e. theory, tutorial and practical classes.  Further University has fixed norms for earning credits during Eight semesters B.Tech Programme, Attendance requirement and detention rules and requirement of Internal assessment for Theory and Practicals. You should be aware of these norms from Academic Branch, GGSIPU website and may approach Dean (Academic) if need any further clarification.

Adequate provisions for extracurricular activities including games and sports have been made and Team CBPGEC with your well conceived proposals in these areas is willing to take it to higher pedestal. Library of the college is well stocked having 20,000 numbers of volumes of books, 50 number of printed journals (Indian & International) and several e-journals.  There are Reference Section, General Issue and Return Section, Book Bank in the library. As we have now received your enrolment numbers from university, I take this opportunity to inform you that all of you can get issued about 10 Books each from the library.

Further, I would encourage you to frequently visit college website and acquaint yourself with various activities, special purpose committees, orders, circulars and notices, time-table, question bank for mid-term exams and much more. I would like some of you to get involve with continuous feed of information in the website and make the website more appealing and useful to all of you. Interested and willing persons may contact Ms. Seema Rani, Asst. Programmer of this college.
By the time you complete your four year term in this college, you should be equipped with quality knowledge and an attitude akin to highly inspired, self motivated, having a positive mindset, devoted to the service of the society and inspired to continue to excel in engineering profession. The Team CBPGEC shall always be proactively engaged to support you in your resolve to bring glory to this college, to your parents and to yourself. 
Last but not the least, you are advised to always work to protect and enhance the fair name of CBPGEC as it will be your identity for life. You would be able to do so by your good deeds and will fail to do so if you engage in misdeeds and misconduct. I advise you to be ultra vigilant and protect your own and your Alma matter’s interest.
It is my sincere hope that students of this College shall bring pride to the institute and be worthy citizens of our great country. We assure you that we shall leave no stone unturned to promote your career and shall equip you with best possible training and exposure.
It will not be out of place to mention that the college has several challenges, and I need your cooperation to overcome these through our commitment.
I thank all the faculty members, staff members and students without whose cooperation such a function would not have been possible.
Wishing you very happy and academically highly rewarding years ahead and a memorable stay in this college.
Jai Hind !








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