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ETCS-155   ntroduction to AutoCAD, Office Automation & Web Design (Common to All Branches)


ETIT-353  Java Programming & Web Designing Lab
ETCS-254   Algorithm Analysis & Design Lab
ETCS-258  Computer Graphics Lab
ETCS-156   C Lab (Common to All Branches)




Name of Equipment



Computer (HP)
Configruation:- Intel Core Duo @2.93 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160GB HDD, with preloaded Windows XP



Laser Printer P1007(HP)



LCD Projector(Toshiba)



HP scanjet2140 Scanner



Layer3 Switches



Layer2 Switches



UTM (FireWall)





Xiling ISE System Edition




Java, C AutoCAD, C++ 




            ETCS-155        :           Introduction to AutoCAD, Office Automation & Web Design
1.          Use Microsoft-word to perform the following:
A) send out invitation letter to several people using mail merge facility.
B) create tabular data in word and insert graph to represent data.
C) create a macro and use it in an application.
2.         Use Microsoft-excel to perform the following:
A) Create a macro and use it in an application
B) Enter the name and marks of 10 students and perform various mathematical functions on it.
C) Enter first quarter performance of five companies and create a pie chart showing there shareholders in the market.
3.         Use Microsoft power-point to perform the following
A) Create a slide show on any subject of your choice using minimum five slides.
B) Create slideshow in operating sound.
C) Create an animation using group, ungroup, order, textbox image insert etc.
4.         Use html to design a home page for igit using all the features of html like buttons, frames, marquee check boxes etc..
5.         Use AutoCAD to do the following:
A) Use of drawing & editing properties: modify object properties and a knowhow of layers, colors and prototype drawing.
B) Draw line (poly line, multi line, linear line), polygon, ellipse, circle, arc, rectangle and use cross hatching, regions, boundary, spline, donut, filletand extent commands.
C) Dimensioning commands, styles, control scale factors, drawing set-up,
Grip editing objects snaps, utility commands.
D) projection of points, lines and solids,            
E) section of solids
F) development and intersection of surface
G) isomeric projections


            ETIT-353        :           Java Programming & Web Designing Lab

  1. Wap to create a class and objects of the class, also use constructor to utilize the objects
  2. Wap to illustrate the concept of single level, multilevel inheritance
  3. Use of string class
  4. Use of stringbuffer class
  5. Wap to illustrate the concept of multiple inheritance in jave using interfaces.
  6. Wap to illustrate the
  7. Abstract class and methods
  8. Final class and methods
  9. Wrapper classes
  10. Wap to illustrate multithreading using threads.
  11. Wap to illustrate the concept of synchronization
  12. Wap for reading and writing bytes into files, also illustrate the concept of stream class.
  13. Wap to create connection b/w server and client using socket and serversocket class.
  14. Wap on event handling using event listener interfaces, event classes, adapter and inner classes.
  15. Wap to illustrate applet programming.
  16. Wap for graphics programming in java using awt controls, layout mangers
  17. Wap to illustrate the following
  18. Java beans
  19. Java swings
  20. Servlets

ETCS-254        :           Algorithm Analysis & Design Lab

  1. Wap to find union and intersection of sets
  2. Wap to implement merge and quick sort using divide and conquer approach
  3. Wap to implement insertion deletion in binary search tree and different traversals(preorder, postorder, inorder)
  4. Wap to implement longest common subsequence(lcs)
  5. Wap to create a graph and perform binary first search(bfs) and depth first search(dfs)
  6. Wap to find single source shortest path using bell-mann ford algorithm
  7. Wap to implement flloyd-warshall’s alogithm for all pair shortest path
  8. Wap to implement naïve string matching method
  9. Wap to implement rabin-karp algorithm.
  10. Wap to implement strassens matrix multiplication

ETCS-258                    :           Computer Graphics Lab

1.               To draw a line by using function
2.           To draw a line by using bresenham’s algorithm
3.           To draw a line by dda algorithm.
4.           To draw a circle by dda algorithm.
5.           To draw a circle by mid point algorithm.
6.           To draw a circle by bresenham’s algorithm.
7.           To  draw a figure and translate it .
8.           To scale a square.
9.           Translation of a figure(square,triangle etc.)

ETCS-156                    :           C Lab (Common to All Branches)

1. Write A Program To Produce Ascii Equivalent Of Given Number
2. Write A Program To Find Divisor Or Factorial Of A Given Number.
3. Write A Program To Evaluate The Following Algebraic Expressions After Reading
Necessary Values From The User
_ (Ax+B)/(Ax-B)          2.5 Log X-Cos 30+|X^2-Y^2|+Sqrt (2xy)  (X^5+10x^4+8x^3+4x+2
4. Write A Program To Find Sum Of A Geometric Series
5. Write A Program To Cipher A String
6. Write A Program To Check Whether A Given String Follows English Capitalization
7. Write A Program To Find Sum Of The Following Series
1+ ½ + 1/3 +________+1/20
8. Write A Program To Search Whether A Given Substring Exist In An Input String Or Not
And Then Delete This String From Input String.
9. Write A Recursive Program For Tower Of Hanoi Problem
10. The Fibonacci Sequence Of Numbers Is 1,1,2,3,5,8……. Based On The Recurrence
F (N) =F (N-1) +F (N-2) For N>2
Write a Recursive Program to Print the First M Fibonacci number
11. Write a Menu Driven Program for Matrices to Do the Following Operation
Depending On Whether the Operation Requires One or Two Matrices
A) Addition of Two Matrices
B) Subtraction of Two Matrices
C) Finding Upper and Lower Triangular Matrices
D) Trace Of A Matrix
E) Transpose Of A Matrix
F) Check of Matrix Symmetry
G) Product of Two Matrices.
12. Write a Program That Takes Two Operands and One Operator From The User Perform
The Operation and Then Print the Answer
13. Write A Program To Print The Following Outputs:
1 1
2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3 3 3
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
14. Write Functions To Add, Subtract, Multiply And Divide Two Complex Numbers (X+Iy)
And (A+Ib) Also Write The Main Program.
15. Write A Menu Driven Program For Searching An Sorting With Following Options:-
Effective from Academic Session 2007-08
A) Searching (1) Linear Searching
(2) Binary Searching
B) Sorting (1) Intersection Sort    (2) Selection Sorting
16. Write A Program To Copy One File To Other, Use Command Line Arguments.
17. Write A Program To Mask Some Bit Of A Number (Using Bit Operations)
18. An Array Of Record Contains Information Of Managers And Workers Of A Company.
Print All The Data Of Managers And Workers In Separate Files.
Effective from Academic Session 2007-08



ETCS-354        :           Object Oriented Software Engineering Lab

    • Draw the use case sequence and collaboration
    • Draw the use case, sequence and collaboration diagram for issuing a ticket
    • Draw the case, sequence and collaboration diagram for a watch
    • Based on class diagram show a parent child relationship for 1) for a watch 2) for a book
    • Draw  the activity diagram for
    • Ordering a pizza
    • An order processing system
    • Draw the state transition diagram for:
    • An order processing system
    • Traffic light way system




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